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Blister Packing

Are you having problems taking your medications as prescribed by your doctor? Do you forget if you have already taken your dose? Are the quantities and times at which you take your medications different?

The above are some of the common problems patients may have in taking their medications. Our pharmacy is pleased to offer you our very own Medication Manager™.

The Medication Manager™ is a way of packaging your prescription medications along with any vitamins/herbal supplements you may be taking in a way that is easy for you to take. With the Medication Manager ™ you will know exactly when to take your medication.

When a patient takes their medications as directed by their doctor(s), he/she will probably feel better, experience fewer side effects and is more likely to see an improvement in the quality of his/her life. The benefits of the Medication Manager ™ are the following:

  1. Organizes all of your prescriptions/vitamins/herbal supplements into an easy to use blister pack.
  2. Gives you and your doctor the confidence that your medications are being taken as prescribed.
  3. Clearly shows when each dose of medication needs to be taken.
  4. Eliminates the need to fumble with several vials/bottles.  Just punch out a single blister and you are done!
  5. Allows you to keep track of your doses so you know if you have taken it or not.

Does this sound perfect for your lifestyle? Then please speak to one of our pharmacy staff if you feel that this service would be right for you, or if you have further questions.