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Our Team


Pharmacy Assistant

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Debbie is another long time employee at Pharmasave Salmon Arm, having served the customers through the pharmacy as a Pharmacy Assistant since 2001. Always with a smile, Debbie enjoys the comradery of her fellow co-workers, making each day fun and enjoyable. Her many years and pleasant personality at the store has made her a favorite with the customers too. Debbie also worked in a previous pharmacy in Saskatchewan for 10 years as well!

Spending time with the family, camping, crafts, and anything to do with nature are just some of Debbie’s many past time pleasures outside of the store.


Compounding / Pharmacy Assistant

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Allison is another long time employee at Pharmasave Salmon Arm, having first started in 1992!  She now performs many of the Compounding duties in the Pharmacy, as well as works as a Pharmacy Assistant. “With compounding, there is always something new and interesting to learn, always making each day an exciting challenge,” she says, which is passionately exhibited by her enthusiasm for “all things compounding”.

Allison completed her PCCA Compounding certificate in 2010, and when not at the store you’ll find Allison kayaking, biking, and cross country skiing.


Pharmacy assistant

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Tammi joined the Pharmasave Salmon Arm team in Dec. 2015. Graduated from college in 2003 for Pharmacy Technician, I have been in Community Pharmacy for around 10 years. Along with helping people over the counter, I also have 3 years experience as a Resident Care Aid and in Home Support.

On my days off I enjoy spending quality time with my family, boating, kayaking, dirt biking, hiking, running and other outdoor activities.


Front Store Manager

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Steve is a recent addition to the Pharmasave Salmon Arm location, but after joining in 2012 he’s already an expert in almost every area. As Front Store Manager, Steve loves interacting with the customers and helping them find those unique items they need. “The customers always come first,” he says, and also enjoys the balance of administration too.

And more than just well acquainted with the store, Steve also brings 13 years of previous Pharmasave experience to his role, making him a truly balanced and invaluable Front Store Manager understanding the many diverse aspects of this location.

You’ll find Steve enjoying a good book outside of his working hours, mountain bike riding, and more!

Looking for something you can’t find anywhere else in town? Come by and let Steve find it for you.


Photo Lab Manager

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Have camera questions, or thoughts about what sizes and formats to print your best photos? Jason is the Photo Manager at Pharmasave Salmon Arm, and is here to help you with all your Photo Lab needs. Manager since 2012, Jason loves learning everything there is to know about Photography as well as sharing his knowledge with you.

As you can guess, outside of the store Jason spends his time developing his photography skills, as well as developing his skills in another highly creative field – producing music of all genres.

Check out his work on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ApatheticPhotography/


Cosmetics Manager

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Andrea loves interacting with customers that come looking for the perfect make-up or beauty product. Nothing brings her more satisfaction than showing someone how to apply make-up for the first time, demonstrating a new technique, or helping an elderly person find a different way to express themselves. And her wit and charm make her a fine addition to the Cosmetics team!

Andrea originated from Ontario, but now loves the Salmon Arm area, the perfect home for her and her family.

Outside of taking care of her family, Andrea enjoys gardening, cooking, and all types of crafts, the more craftier the better. Ask her about Pinterest!


Customer Service Team

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John is a ‘jack of all trades’ at Pharmasave Salmon Arm, working in most areas of the store including the main store, cash, and the Photo Lab. He’s also a recent addition to the location, having started in 2012, but is already efficient at taking on more and more. His favorite area is the Photo Lab currently, growing in his understanding in the many styles of photography and the interesting but complex area of developing. This of course has made John an avid photographer too!


Customer Service/ Merchandiser

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Starting in October of 2014, Sandra is a welcome addition to the Pharmasave staff.

She has worked with the public for many years and enjoys meeting and helping people.

Sanda enjoys being outside. Weekend camping and exploring new places around the shuswap are some of her favourite things. In the winter she enjoys skiing.


POS / Receiver

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Part of what makes Pharmasave Salmon Arm a successful and meaningful part of the community is its friendly and knowledgeable employees, many who have been with the store for a long time. Not only do they know the products and services, but with long standing relationships with customers, know how to match them together. Debbie is no exception to this, having been at this location since 1993. As POS / Receiver, Debbie sees everything that comes through the back door, and knows where it’s placed around the store – she’s your one stop person for whatever you need. Although often in the back office, feel free to stop Debbie when you see her in the store and ask for her assistance as you need it.

Along with thoroughly enjoying her grandchildren, Debbie also enjoys the beauty of the Salmon Arm area through fishing, camping and long country walks.