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Food smarts

Health Topics
...avoid getting sick from bacteria that can spoil our food. The most basic rule of food safety is simple: hot food should be hot and cold food should be cold.... Read more

Calmylin Ace

...are sent out by the brain to various areas of the body and reduces cough by acting in the brain to dull the cough reflex. Pheniramine belongs to the group... Read more

Helping someone who is choking

Health Topics
How can you help someone who’s choking? First, determine whether they’re really choking. Signs of choking include: being unable to breathe, cough, or talk clutching the throat collapsing skin turning... Read more


...medication helps to reduce the severity and duration of a cold sore. Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus. Acyclovir belongs to the class of medications called antivirals and... Read more

Focus on flu treatment

Health Topics
...linked to Reye’s syndrome, which is a serious condition affecting the nervous system and liver. A cough can be treated with a cough suppressant. Do not give cough medication to... Read more


...together for the treatment of exhausting or non-productive cough that is associated with cold or with upper respiratory allergic conditions. Relief from the symptoms of coughing usually lasts between 8 to 12... Read more

When your asthma is out of control

Health Topics
...such as shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, wheezing, and coughing. Why do asthma flare-ups occur? Doctors believe it’s due to the way the disease affects the airways (breathing... Read more

Be good to your skin this winter

Health Topics
Cold winter air makes us do bad things to our skin. We crank up the heat. We take long, hot showers to thaw our chilled bones. We stay covered up... Read more

Beat the Flu Before it Beats You

Health Topics
...up – and then you get hit what seems like symptoms of the flu! "Not now!" you cry, as fever, body aches, cough, and fatigue begin to set in. This... Read more


...out by the brain to various areas of the body. Codeine is also used to control coughing that is not controlled by non-narcotic cough suppressants. It works by acting on... Read more

Children's Flu Risk

Health Topics
...touching tables and counters (such as if they worked on an arts and craft project). Also tell them to wash their hands after coming in from recess. cough and sneeze... Read more


Hydrocodone belongs to the family of medications known as antitussives (cough suppressants). This medication is used to control coughing that is exhausting and nonproductive (nothing is coughed up). It works... Read more

Tripacel Hybrid

This medication belongs to a group of medications known as vaccines. It is used to prevent tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough) for people 4 years of age and older.... Read more

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