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dnaPower Diet Assessment

dnaPower Diet Assessment

Eat right for your DNA test

With an easy saliva swab test, you can learn the diet right for your genetic make-up and receive information that helps you make more personalized choices.  100+ genetic variations tested.

You want a healthy diet that helps you manage your weight. But which one is right for you? You have a unique genetic makeup that will vary in how it breaks down, absorbs and utilizes the foods you are eating. By learning your diet predispositions and food intolerances, you can avoid consuming food that is not ideal for your genetic type. Learn your genetic food sensitivities and the DNA diet right for you.

Fee includes:  The DNA assessment kit plus a 30 minute report review with our health coach.

Cost: $299.00

Click here for a dnaPower Diet Assessment Sample Report

To get started please contact Mary @ 604-500-6833 or mary.ladnerpharmasave@gmail.com