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I don’t always remember to take my medication. What should I do?

It is often hard to fit taking medications into your schedule, especially if you are taking several medications. The key to success is finding a system that works for you, which fits into your lifestyle and habits.

Here are some tips to help you remember to take your medication:

  • Make taking medication part of your daily routine. Take it right before or after another activity that you do every day, such as dressing, eating breakfast (if taking the medication with food is okay), taking a shower, going to bed – whatever is appropriate for you.
  • Try placing the medication vial in a place where you will see it. Near the coffee pot, by the door, or next to your keys are a few good places. Keep in mind that the place you choose should be out of the reach of children and the medication is away from strong light, heat, and humidity.
  • Set an alarm (on your watch, clock, electronic organizer, cell phone, laptop, or iPad) to remind you when it’s time for your next dose.
  • Get a friend to remind you.
  • Leave notes around the house where you will see them. Consider places such as the bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, TV remote control, or next to the place where you put your wallet or purse.

You might have to mix and match these ideas to find what works for you.

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