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What can I do to protect myself and where can I get information and updates?

Most SARS cases in Canada have occurred with recent travelers to affected
areas, health care workers who have cared for people with SARS, and close family
members of people with SARS. If you are a health care worker, follow your institution’s
isolation policies when caring for SARS patients. If you are not a health care
worker, avoid close personal contact with people who are known to have SARS,
or who are experiencing symptoms of SARS.

To deal with SARS, some hospitals in the Toronto and Simcoe County areas of
Ontario have implemented restrictions that include:

  • limiting visits to children and patients that are critically or terminally
  • requiring all hospital staff to wear protective clothing including masks
  • suspending all volunteer programs and transfers between hospitals
  • setting up isolation units

It’s important to keep in mind that the risk to the general public is very

For more information on SARS, call Health Canada’s information line at 1-800-454-8302
or visit the websites of Health Canada (, the World Health Organization
(, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (

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