Meet Your Ideal Protein Coaches:


Emily is a dedicated and knowledgeable weight loss coach that cares deeply about each client and is passionate about helping people make positive lifestyle choices. Emily understands that clients have tried to lose weight with other programs and will work with you 1 on 1 to understand your unique goals, help you navigate issues that arise and support you in weight loss and weight maintenance.

After living with the effects of high stress and poor diet, Emily dramatically changed her lifestyle through a holistic approach to health and nutrition and loves working with people to help others feel their best too.  She strongly believes that we can be of greater service to others when we take the time to care for ourselves. Emily is currently studying Natural Nutrition through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and loves sharing information and recipes with clients.


Wendy comes to Pharmasave with a lifelong history in the Food & Beverage Industry and she understands first-hand the day to day struggles our clients face with weight gain and loss, having experienced an unhealthy weight gain over the years herself.

Her career change brought her in line with Ideal Protein and she immediately began researching the Protocol, subsequently becoming a client and beginning her journey in February 2019. She joined the Ideal Protein Team as a coach in late June 2019.

Wendy believes in leading by example and attributes her success with weight loss to the Protocol and the tools she learned through the guidance, encouragement and positive reinforcement from her Coach (Emily). Now, her success as a client and her determination to help others is what motivates her as a Coach.


Ask us how our structured dieting protocol can teach you how to maintain a stable weight after dieting: 604.997.3375


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