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Pharmacist Oby Obi

Looking for a new pharmacy in your area?

We proudly serve Burlington, Hamilton, Waterdown, Dundas, Ancaster, Oakville and beyond.

Owned and operated by Oby Obi, we recognized a unique opportunity to provide additional pharmacy services that were in great need in our area.

We are proud to be the only Compounding Pharmacy near you, specializing in transforming your medications to easy-to-take forms that maximize their health benefits for you – like lozenges, capsules, chewable treats, alternative doses, and more.

We were also aware of the need for travel health-related services, like travel advice, recommendations, vaccinations and more. We’ve met this need through our unique Travel Health Clinic, proudly helping our residents make good travel health decisions, protective vaccinations, and more so they enjoy their travel experiences as best they can. Simply book an appointment today.

And don’t forget our many other services and products to help you LIVE WELL in your everyday life.

Stop in today for a consultation with pharmacist Oby Obi. We look forward to serving you!