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Pharmasave Supports Drug Drop Off Month in August

Ensure that unwanted prescriptions don’t pose a risk to you and to others


LANGLEY, BC, August 8, 2018

Pharmasave is proud to support National Drug Drop Off Month in August. You shouldn’t have to wonder about how to dispose of your unwanted medications. Pharmacists help to reduce the volume of prescription drugs available for misuse and inform their patients of the harms associated with improper use of prescription drugs. For a safe, responsible and environmentally friendly solution, take your unused or expired medications to your local Pharmasave for disposal.

Pharmasave stores accept all kinds of medications including: prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, topical antibiotic and antifungal creams (in their original containers), natural health products that are taken orally such as vitamins, minerals, herbal products, probiotics and homeopathic medicines.

Pharmacists are trained medication experts and have the tools and knowledge to dispose of medications safely. Rather than putting your unwanted medications in the toilet or into the garbage where they can damage the environment or endanger others, place them in a paper bag and bring them to your Pharmasave pharmacist.

Check your medicine cabinet at least twice a year for expired prescription and non-prescription medications as well as any medications you no longer need:

  • Check expiry dates on bottles/containers
  • Look for signs of discolouration or strange odours
  • Take expired medications to your Pharmasave for disposal

Visit your local Pharmasave today and speak with your Pharmasave pharmacist about how to dispose of medications safely and responsibly.


About Pharmasave:
With more than 650 stores across the country, Pharmasave is one of Canada’s leading independent community pharmacies. Since being founded in 1981, Pharmasave has focused on building a national platform of community-based retail outlets designed to provide exceptional patient-centred healthcare, medication advice, drug store products and customer service. MedAlign@Pharmasave is a collection of services that help patients manage their medications more effectively, increases patient adherence and improves health outcomes. Through MedAlign@Pharmasave, pharmacists provide medication reviews and medication synchronization, assisting patients by aligning their refills to come due on the same day. Pharmasave continues to differentiate itself through leading-edge digital solutions. Patients can access everyday tools to manage their health in ways that are simple to set up and easy to maintain with eCare@Pharmasave. This suite of interactive solutions enables patients to engage digitally with their pharmacy and empowers them with mobile refills, medication reminders and so much more. Each Pharmasave store operates independently to serve its individual community, tailoring both programs and services to the unique needs of customers and reinforcing the commitment to help all customers live well with Pharmasave.

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