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By using this site to refill, transfer or submit a new prescription, you consent to and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions and to the terms of our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to all of these terms and conditions of use, please do not use this site.


You may use this site to request a refill of a prescription that was previously filled by a Pharmasave pharmacy and that has refills remaining; to submit a photo of a new prescription to a Pharmasave location; to transfer a prescription from another pharmacy to a Pharmasave location.


Requests to refill a prescription require that you provide your name, telephone number, prescription number and your requested pick-up pharmacy location. Refill prescriptions are available for pick-up only at the same pharmacy location that previously filled that prescription and failure to select the same pharmacy location will result in us being unable to refill your prescription. Not all prescriptions may be eligible for refill.


Requests to submit a new prescription require your name, telephone number and your requested pick-up pharmacy location in addition to a legible photograph of the prescription from your physician. You must submit the original hard copy of the prescription to the pharmacy or you will not be permitted to pick-up your medication.


Requests to transfer a prescription require that you provide your name, telephone number, information on the drug you wish to transfer, and your requested pick-up pharmacy location, as well as the name, location and telephone number of the pharmacy currently holding your prescription.


In addition to any regulatory restrictions that may apply, pharmacists reserve the right to refuse prescriptions at their professional discretion and under the direction of Provincial College of Pharmacist Professional Practice Policies, prescriber authority, and Provincial/Federal Legislation.


Following receipt of your request, we will forward this information to your selected pharmacy location and the request will be processed in the same manner and upon the same timelines as requests presented in store. Filling your prescription will require the collection and use of your personal information (including personal health information) and may require disclosure of such information to the prescribing physician, other health service providers or health insurers. In the event that technical support is required, your personal information may be disclosed to authorized third parties via secure channels. By submitting a request for a person other than yourself, you will be deemed to have all necessary consent and authority to make such request on behalf of the other person.


Submitting and processing a prescription request involves transmission of information over mediums that are outside of our control and we assume no liability for any transmission delays, technical failures or corruptions of any information transmitted, whether such transmission is initiated by you or by us upon forwarding to your selected pharmacy location or otherwise. Owing to the nature of internet data transmissions, we cannot guarantee that the information transmitted will not be improperly accessed by third parties.


Use of this site is at your own risk and neither Pharmasave Drugs (National) Ltd. nor its affiliates, shareholders, licensors or licensees will be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, incidental, special, indirect or consequential damages, loss or alleged loss of profits or damages resulting from delay or loss of use of the services provided on this site) related to or resulting from your use of, or inability to use, this site. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Pharmasave Drugs (National) Ltd., its affiliates, shareholders, licensors and licensees, and each of their respective officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against all claims, losses, expenses, damages and costs related to or resulting from your use of this site.


If you have a question or concern regarding your prescription, please contact your physician or Pharmasave pharmacist. For any questions or concerns regarding the collection or use of your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer at the address below:


Pharmasave Drugs (National) Ltd.

Attention: Privacy Officer

8411 – 200th Street, Suite 201

Langley, B.C., Canada, V2Y 0E7

Phone: 604.455.2400

Toll Free: 800.661.6106

Fax: 604.455.2493



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